FORUM report and webinar: Understanding Inequalities in Volunteering Research and Evidence

The report, commissioned by the International Forum for Volunteering in Development (Forum), looks at the root causes of global inequalities in research and evidence, how they are manifested, and how organisations that work with volunteers can address these inequalities.

The report addressing these objectives through two research questions –

Why is there inequality in volunteering research?

How does inequality in volunteering research manifest?

Based on the findings from these questions, it goes on to ask what concrete proposals can be made in which a range of actors in the volunteering research space can address inequality in volunteering research.

In the report, the research findings are presented in three sections:

(1) Why is there inequality in volunteering research and how does it manifest?

(2) Implications of the imbalances; and

(3) How do we change inequalities in volunteering research?

The report is available in English, French and Spanish

On the Monday the 18th of September at 10am GMT, the research team of Helene Perold, Jacqueline Butcher, Chris Millora and Jacob Mwathi Mati will present their report and we will hear from respondents in the sector, followed by discussion.

Register here for the webinar.