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Call for tenders AGIAMONDO Safety and Security


AGIAMONDO development workers in the Development and Peace Service as well as head office staff work and travel in regions with increased, sometimes very high, security risks. Since the beginning of the 1990s, personnel from development and peace work organisations and in particular humanitarian aid organisations, have been increasingly confronted with armed conflicts. At the same time, it is still the case that illnesses and accidents are mainly the cause when personnel of development cooperation organisations suffer damage.
As a church organisation, AGIAMONDO focuses its work on serving people. AGIAMONDO aims to offer professional and high-quality services to institutional customers and to the peace and development workers.
In order to live up to this claim and our responsibility towards our staff and peace/development workers, AGIAMONDO has developed a security management policy for the seconded personnel abroad. The "AGIAMONDO Security Concept Abroad" is the basis on which all AGIAMONDO measures in the field of security are based.
With this call AGIAMONDO calls for tenders concerning trainings and advisory services for AGIAMONDO, its seconded personnel and partner organisations in Europe and particularly abroad and to the head office in Cologne.

We invite you to submit your bid for the year 2022 for several or all of following tasks and functions
1. conducting AGIAMONDO Safety and Security trainings for AGIAMONDO staff, short-term advisors and peace/development workers

The training covers the following aspects:

  • participants know the basics of Local Security Plans (LSPs) and are able to develop and implement their own LSPs in cooperation with their partners and colleagues
  • Knowledge and sensitisation on „Sexual and Gender based Violence/ SGBV“ are con-veyed and encouraged
  • Knowledge and basic skills of health maintenance and first aid are learned
  • De-escalating behaviour in critical situations is practised, among other things by simula-tions
  • The signalling effect of one‘s own charisma on others is recognised
  • Possibilities and measures to improve personal security abroad are learned and applied, if possible.
  • Advanced skills in self-care, stress management and burnout prevention
  • The recognition of and dealing with trauma and traumatised people is practised
  • Possibilities for mutual support among colleagues become clear

The trainings are planned for the following dates:

  • 07. – 11.02.2022 (German or English)
  • 02. – 06.05.2022 (German or English)
  • 27.6. – 1.7.2022 (German or English)
  • 08. – 12.08.2022 (German or English)
  • 12. – 16.09.2022 (German or English)
  • 21. – 25.11.2022 (German or English)

2. Conducting 4 quarterly online-workshops on LSP-writing with AGIAMONDO Peace/Development workers and their partner organizations

The workshop covers the following aspects:

  • Participants are able to ask specific questions about the development of their LSP
  • Participants gain and refresh knowledge of Local Security Plans and local security man-agement
  • The dates for the 4-hour-trainings are yet to be planned

3. conducting AGIAMONDO Safety and Security trainings for staff of international organizations

The training covers the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Safety & Security Risk Management while travelling
  • Risk-assessment of risks while traveling
  • Develop measures to handle risks
  • The recognition of and dealing with trauma and traumatised people is practised

The trainings are planned for the following dates:

  • 21. – 23.2.2022 (German or English)
  • 13. – 15.06.2022 (German or English)
  • 26. – 28.09.2022 (German or English)
  • 07. – 09.12.2022 (German or English)

4. Conducting inhouse trainings for HQ staff of German development/peace NGOs

  • plan and conduct a security risk management training with AGIAMONDO for staff and manage-ment of German development/peace NGOs
  • Duration of the exercise: 3 days
  • Up to 2 trainings in 2022

5. conducting inhouse trainings and crisis management exercises with AGIAMONDO staff and man-agement

  • plan and conduct a crisis management exercise with AGIAMONDO staff and management
  • Duration of the exercise: 2 days

6. Development of training materials and concepts for Safety and Security Trainings

  • Develop and rework training materials for AGIAMONDO Safety and Security Trainings
  • Develop and rework course concepts for AGIAMONDO Safety and Security Trainings
  • Please indicate the expected number of days needed for the development of training concepts and materials in your offer

7. advisory services for AGIAMONDO short-term advisors, seconded personnel, partner organisa-tions and staff

  • give advice to AGIAMONDO short-term advisors and peace/development workers during prepa-ration or while being placed in regions with increased security risks
  • advise AGIAMONDO peace/development workers how to develop a local security plan
  • give advice to AGIAMONDO partners concerning safety and security management
  • give advice to AGIAMONDO staff concerning safety and security management and crisis man-agement in order to support the accompaniment of peace/development worker
  •  give advice to AGIAMONDO staff and management concerning the further development and im-plementation of the safety and security policy

Scope of the advisory services expected:

  • Ad-hoc online support to AGIAMONDO short-term advisors and seconded personnel: 120 hours/year
  • Ad-hoc online-support o AGIAMONDO staff and management: 60 hours/year
  • On-site advisory services for AGIAMONDO seconded personnel and partner organisa-tions: up to 4 missions/year (each mission up to 14 days).

Requirements to be met by tenderers

  • A completed university degree or vocational training qualification related to international security topics
  • Work experience abroad in environments of increased security risks
  • Work experience in the field of security and safety
  • Several years of security training experience in the international context and in particular in coun-tries of the Global South
  • Experience from working with civil society or church organisations in development and peace work or humanitarian aid
  • Training languages are German and English and are fluently represented in the trainer team. Languages for advisory services are English, French, German and Spanish.

We are looking forward to your meaningful offer for the year 2022. This should include:

  • Your motivation to conduct safety and security trainings as well as advisory services for AGIAMONDO
  • Fees presented as daily rates for concept development
  • Fees presented as hourly rates for advisory services
  • Fees as daily rates for the execution of the courses
  • A short presentation of your trainer team with CVs and competence profiles of the individual trainers
  • The promise of the availability of two trainers at a time for the expected seminar dates
  • The promise of the availability for ad-hoc advisory services

Please send questions regarding the tender before October 8th 2021. The questions and answers will be published between October 12th and October 26th HERE. Please send your offer by October 26th 2021 to
Dr. Clara Braungart
Ripuarenstr. 8
50679 Cologne, Germany
Further Information on AGIAMONDO:
AGIAMONDO I Postfach 210128 I 50527 Köln




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