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JPO, Associate Programme Officer




Title:                                                  JPO, Associate Programme Officer

Sector:                                              Programme

Organization/Office:                        UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Country and Duty Station:             Tripoli, Libya

Duration of assignment:                  2 years with possibility of extension for another year. Please note that the extension of appointment is subject to yearly review
                                                           concerning priorities, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance.

Please note that for participants of the JPO-Programme two years work experience are mandatory!


Title of Supervisor: Senior Programme Officer

Content and methodology of the supervision: The JPO will be directly reporting to the Senior Programme Officer.


  • Assist in the process of selection and retention of partners for the implementation of UNHCR funded projects
  • Assist in budget discussion with partner, developing Project Partnership Agreements and amendments
  • Assist in facilitating the audit exercise and ensure timely closure of projects
  • Monitor implementation of risks associated with Operations and keep the risk registry updated
  • As part of multi-functional team, assist in developing the country operation plan in compliance with global strategic priorities and regional priorities as well as existing policies, procedures and instructions
  • Assist in proper data collection, use and monitoring of baselines, performance and impact indicators to analyse project/programme progress and implementation and advise project partners and senior management on any corrective actions
  • Carryout project monitoring, review periodic, mid-year and final project partners’ reports, liaise with relevant units to validate the report and provide feedback to project partners
  • Assist in donor-relations matters such as drafting of project proposals and reports
  • Perform other duties as required.


  • The needs of persons of concern in the country are assessed and analysed in a participatory manner and use of Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) approach to form a firm basis for planning and designing projects.
  • Project agreements are concluded in a timely manner, regularly monitored and reported on in compliance with the established policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • The organizational fundraising actions are fully supported by maintaining regular contacts with the representatives of donor countries and by submitting project proposals for funding.


  • Meetings with different units of UNHCR operation in Libya
  • Meetings with project partners to discuss and negotiate budgets and activities
  • Liaising with donors on project proposals and reports
  • Assist in negotiating implementing partner agreements
  • Represent UNHCR in UN fora dealing with operations management and programmatic issues
  • Enforcement of compliance with UNHCR's global strategies, protocols and guidelines


Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Social Science or related field

Experience: 2 years of previous job experience relevant to the function. In an international capacity: 1 year.

Skills: Excellent Computer Skills in MS Office, knowledge of UNHCR specific programmes (MSRP, Focus, etc.) is an asset


Essential: English

Desirable: French, or another UN language.


They illustrate behaviors that are essential and critical to successful performance. All jobs require the staff to abide to the Values and Core competencies of UNHCR.

Managerial Competencies

  • Empowering and Building Trust
  • Leadership
  • Managing Resources

Cross-Functional Competencies

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Technological Awareness
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Training components:

The learning will be structured through direct coaching with providing guidance to the policy documents and administrative instructions, online learning modules and the UPKs in UNHCR learn & connect platform, webinars, etc.

Learning elements:

  • Completion of specific training relevant to functions of the position, Programme Management 1
  • Knowledge of UNHCR financial rules, procedures and processes including Partner Retention Selection, Function of the Local Contract Committee
  • Knowledge of UNHCR specific programmes (MSRP, Focus, etc.)


Libya has always been a country of both transit and destination. Yet, in the wake of more than seven years of conflict, political turmoil and widespread human rights violations, the magnitude of protection challenges and needs has increased exponentially. Amidst a population of 6.5 million, the UN estimates that 1.1 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, of which 0.5 million are internally displaced or returnees. In addition, Libya continues to host some 48,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, including 44,000 in urban settings (mostly Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian nationals, but also Sub-Saharans), as well as 4,000 detained persons of concern (mostly Sub-Saran nationals, from Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, etc.). In addition, 800,000 migrant workers are estimated to be present in the country, from North Africa and from sub-Saharan Africa (including West Africa).

Since the 4 April 2019 offensive lead by General Haftar and the LNA against Tripoli, some 120,000 persons have been newly displaced and the security situation in Tripoli has drastically deteriorated. The number of UNHCR international staff members is reduced, both due to the new security situation occurring from the current armed conflict, as well as more recurrent challenges with MoFA for UNHCR (and other UN agencies) to obtain visas.

The UNHCR Libya operation is particularly complex. This is due to a combination of factors: security situation and reduced presence of UNHCR (and other UN agencies) international staff; movement restrictions in Tripoli and in the country and related challenges to access populations and persons of concern; remote management from the Tunis back-up office during rotation periods (since not all international staff can be present in Libya at the same time); imbalance between the large number of local/national staff vis-a-vis international staff present in Libya, which poses a challenge in terms of management and oversight; very poor/disorganized central State apparatus and prominent role of militias in law enforcement, which blurs the lines between political and military stakeholders – requiring UNHCR to engage with a very wide range of interlocutors on the ground; criminalization of the economy, which bears a risk to the integrity of UNHCR’s programmes; absence of key ambassadors and NGO country directors on the ground, which renders representational work and coordination more challenging; limited availability of local NGOs and poor implementation record for some of them; high politicization of the refugee dossier in Libya, with a quasi-exclusive international (media and donor) focus on detention, interception at sea and disembarkation – which concerns only 5% of the refugee population – to the detriment of the humanitarian needs of urban refugees and the hundred thousands of IDPs.


The incumbent should be prepared to work under very challenging conditions and be able to manage stressful situations. In Tripoli, international staff are accommodated in designated compound sharing an apartment with one or two colleagues and moving the personal items during the period of Rest and Recuperation (R&R) due to staff rotation and limited space available. Processing visas for Libya is lengthy and unpredictable and staff appointed to posts in Libya are expected to work remotely from Tunisia while awaiting Libyan visas.

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