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JPO Health Policy Analyst


Junior Professional Officer Program (JPO)


Title:  JPO Health Policy Analyst

Organization: WHO, World Health Organization

Unit: WHO Office at the EU (WEU)

Country and Duty Station: WHO Brussels, Belgium

Duration:  2 years with possibility of extension for another year. The extension of appointment is subject to yearly review concerning priorities, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance. Please note that for participants of the JPO-Programme two years of work experience 
are mandatory! Relevant work experience can be counted. In order to assess the eligibility of the candidates, we review the relevant experience acquired after obtaining the first university degree (usually bachelor’s degree).

Objective of the WHO Programme/Department:

The WHO office at the EU (WEU) is focused on the European and global health agendas and aims to contribute to further advance and enrich WHO strategic partnership with the EU. 

The WHO’s Brussels office’s roles are mainly (but not exclusively) to: 
-    Monitor EU-related policies, strategies, initiatives, programs and interventions and disseminate related information within WHO.
-    Facilitate working relations between WHO experts and EU institutions staff and through this help shape up the health-related Brussels debates, from both a European and global health perspective.
-    Identify opportunities for improving the cooperation at the global, regional and country levels. 
-    Defend, maintain, and enhance the WHO corporate image, work and reputations in the EU context and ensure the visibility of WHO’s work and products.
-    Promote WHO health priorities and policies towards EU institutions and Brussels-based stakeholders.

All these activities are done within the framework of the WEU role in global health and health related dimension of its external and internal policies. 

Assignment Summary:

The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) will contribute to WEU’s efforts in advancing global and achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals within the framework of the EU’s current and future public health, humanitarian and development policies, and cooperation strategies. 

Duties, Responsibilities and Output expectations

Under the direction and guidance of the WHO representative to the EU, the JPO:
-    gathers data, monitors and tracks progress of legislative initiatives and policy developments at the EU institutions, with a focus on global health policy and development areas, also including health emergencies, universal health coverage, and other health related sustainable development goals, as appropriate;
-    reviews and analyses EU plans and strategies and EC’s declarations, statements, communications or any other relevant documents related to or with a potential to influence global health and health related sustainable development goals;
-    identifies and signals, through regular and ad-hoc reports, any items of interest/ concern to the WHO around EU’s current debate on any policies with impact on public health;
-    develops and maintains specific briefs on key thematic and topical items ongoing in the EU arena with potential impact on health
-    provides analyses of political processes for adopting and implementing policies with health impacts and their involved stakeholders towards better understanding EU’s scope on health;
-    attends staff meetings and conference calls, internal programmes and stakeholders meetings on various topics, WHO meetings in Brussels, and as appropriate, meetings under the auspices of the European Parliament relevant to the health and/or development agenda;
-    assumes additional duties and functions as assigned by the supervisor. 

WHO Representative to the WEU


Qualifications and Experience:

Minimum: Master’s Degree in social sciences, health policy, public policy, economics, health economics, or related field.

Additional advanced university degree with key focuses on health or public policy; international relations or European affairs 

Work experience:
Minimum: At least 2 years’ experience in any of the following: health policy analysis, health economics, health systems research, including related teaching/training experience. 

Experience working with or in multi- and bilateral development agencies active in the health sector, or in an international/national administration.

Skills required for the assignment:

-    Technical knowledge of research methodology. 
-    Proven skills in developing and assessing health policy/health reform plans and strategies. 
-    Proven skills in health policy analysis. 
-    Proven ability to guide or produce policy-relevant analytical work, relevant to the policy decision-making processes. 
-    Excellent knowledge of English.
-    Practical knowledge of Microsoft Office.

-    Knowledge of the WHO and UN system.
-    Knowledge of EU institutions and international health policy and mechanisms.  
-    Knowledge of French or other European languages. 

WHO competencies required for the assignment:
-    Producing results - ability to produce high-quality results and workable solutions that meet client needs, and monitors progress against objectives, taking corrective action when necessary; handles problems effectively. 
-    Moving forward in a changing environment - demonstrated ability to adapt technical concepts and evidence to different contexts, and to develop and apply new ways of working. 
-    Communication - proven abilities to provide sound policy and technical advice to institutions and governments, to engage health policy makers in constructive dialog, and to translate complex conceptual issues into understandable language for non-specialists.
-    Teamwork
-    Respecting and promoting individual and cultural difference

Learning objectives of the JPO during this assignment
    Upon completion of the assignment, the JPO will have 

Achieving the learning objectives


Learning Objective



Training Components (Indicate training / learning activities, based on which objective can be achieved)



When? (indicate when the activity will take place)

Improved knowledge of WHO’s leadership priorities and policies and the decision making mechanisms at different levels

Reading of relevant material and coaching from WHO staff

Whole assignment

Improved knowledge of EU institutions policies, structures and decision making mechanisms related to health and related areas

Participation in staff meetings and internal programmes, in conferences or relevant other meetings, Reading of relevant key documents, Coaching from WHO staff.

Whole assignment

Improved knowledge of health stakeholders present in Brussels, including representation of Member States, thinks tanks, NGOs and of their interaction in the policy development and decision making style.

Participation in staff meetings and internal programmes, in conferences or relevant other meetings, Reading of relevant key documents, Coaching from WHO staff.

Whole assignment

Increased awareness of the EU health policy current and future perspective in relationship to WHO priorities and plans

Performance of analyses, Coaching from WHO staff, Reading of relevant key documents

Whole assignment

The progress towards achieving the objectives will be evaluated annually by the JPO together with the first and second level supervisors.  Achievement will be against WHO's Performance Management and Development System (PMDS). 

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