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Junior Professional Officer, Associate Legal Officer


World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO – Junior Professional Officer Program (JPO)
General Information

Title: Junior Professional Officer,  Associate Legal Officer
Organization: World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO
Organizational Unit:  Patent Law Section, Innovation and Technology Sector
Department: Patent Law Division Country and Duty Station: Geneva, Switzerland
Duration: 2 years with possibility of extension for  another year  

Please note that for participants of the JPO-Programme two years work experience are mandatory!

1.  Organizational context
The post is located in the Patent Law Section of the Patent Law Division, Innovation and Technology Sector. This Division is responsible for the implementation of WIPO’s strategic goals concerning the balanced evolution of the international normative framework for intellectual property in the area of patents, utility models, undisclosed information/trade secrets and layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits, and for providing assistance to Member States in drafting and updating their national legislation in the aforementioned fields of intellectual property. The incumbent works as part of a team that facilitates normative development of the international law in the aforementioned fields of intellectual property at all levels of the normative hierarchy. Through the provision of comprehensive and reliable information, the team also assists Member States for the development of balanced legislative and policy frameworks and practices.

The main role of the incumbent is to conduct legal research and analyses on various legal issues related to patents, utility models, trade secrets and layout designs of integrated circuits, and provide Secretariat services to the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP).
The Patent Law Section can offer excellent opportunities for a JPO to learn and deepen his/her knowledge of policy, law and practices on patents and other related areas, both at the international and national levels.  The JPO will also gain exposure to the complexity of international development of intellectual property law, in particular, patent law.
The incumbent works under the supervision of the Head of the Patent Law Section. The supervision of duties and responsibilities will be conducted through effective communication, direction, observation and evaluation.   An annual performance evaluation will be carried out, covering the work delivered, competencies demonstrated and areas for professional development.
The duty station is Geneva, Switzerland, and the duration of the assignment will be of 24 months/2 years initially, with an option for renewal for up to an additional year.

2.  Duties and responsibilities
The incumbent performs the following principal duties:
(a) Carry out research works on various topics in the assigned work area;  perform comparative analyses of legislation and practice of different Member States;
(b) Provide input and prepare initial drafts of working documents for WIPO technical committees and bodies, guides, legal opinions and other documents pertaining to the functions and activities of the work unit;
(c) Participate as a member of the Secretariat of WIPO technical committees, in meetings and other bodies, including the drafting of summary minutes;
(d) Reply to general correspondence and inquiries and provide advice on general legal questions concerning the law of patents, utility models, undisclosed information/trade secrets and layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits;
 (e) Participate in internal and external training and awareness-raising activities, seminars and workshops; deliver training and presentations;
(f) Participate in conferences and meetings organized by Member States, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations;  and
(g) Perform other related duties as required.   

3.  Requirements
Essential: Master’s Degree in law, or related field.
Desirable: Specialization in intellectual property law.
Essential: At least two years of relevant professional experience, preferably in the field of intellectual property law, and practice in the public or private sector.
Desirable: Experience in the field of patent law and practice.  
Essential: Excellent knowledge of English.
Desirable: Working knowledge of any other official UN languages.

Knowledge, skills and competencies:
- Ability to design and conduct research and analyze defined aspects of legal issues.
- Knowledge of legal principles of intellectual property law.
- Ability to draft legal texts in a clear, concise and logical manner. Ability to communicate complex legal issues in written and oral forms. Organizational skills with the ability to work within strict deadlines.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to maintain effective working relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
- Confident user of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and the internet, and the ability to adapt quickly to new software.

4.  Competencies
WIPO Core Competencies
1.  Communicating effectively.
2.  Respecting individual and cultural differences.
3.  Showing team spirit.
4.  Managing yourself.
5.  Producing results.
6.  Embracing change.
7.  Respecting ethics and values.

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