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UNHCR- JPO, Associate Field Officer



Title: Associate Field Officer (Protection)

Department: Sub-Office Zahle

Country and Duty Station: Zahle, Lebanon

Duration of assignment: 2 years with possibility of extension for another year
Please note that the extension of appointment is subject to yearly review concerning priorities, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance

Please note that for participants of the JPO-Programme two years work experience are mandatory!

The situation of Syrian refugees in the Bekaa has become quite precarious over the recent months. Discussions with refugees at the field level indicate that their compounding vulnerabilities are making them seriously consider returning to Syria despite being vary of the conditions upon return. The narrowing protection space in Lebanon is marked by violent raids over refugee settlements, arbitrary arrest and detention, evictions, confiscation of documents and mobile properties as well as Child Protection (CP) and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) issues. The simultaneous occurrence of many of the afore-mentioned events together with politically localized return related deals has led to the challenge of tracking population movements in an organized manner as well as in real time. It is very critical for Sub-Office Zahle to remain abreast of all the developments at the field level, particularly in the hard to reach areas; hence this request for JPO, Associate Field Officer (Protection).

UNHCR response covers the entire country of Lebanon. The Branch Office that oversees the countrywide operation is located in Beirut. Other five offices cover their respective areas of responsibility. They include the sub-offices (SO) of Mt. Lebanon, Tripoli and Zahle, while Tyre and Qobayat have field offices. UNHCR Sub-Office Zahle has 110 staff members. It reports to the Branch Office, Beirut. SO Zahle is implementing protection and assistance programmes and also plays an important role by leading the various coordination fora in the Bekaa.
The Associate Field Officer (Protection) is supervised by the Protection Officer. S/he may also receive direct/indirect guidance from the Head of Office. The UNHCR Manual, programme and protection objectives, Operations Plans, UN and UNHCR financial/budgetary rules and regulations will guide the work of the incumbent.
The Protection Officer will provide overall support and guidance on (protection) sector specific work.

The JPO will be under the direct supervision of the Head of Office. The supervisor will be responsible for the performance evaluation of the JPO. The manager will also ensure that the JPO is provided a thorough induction and orientation briefing, followed by on-the-job training as well as continuous guidance for training/learning opportunities throughout the assignment. In support to the manager, the JPO Unit provides the Supervisory Guidelines upon recruitment/reassignment of the JPO.


  • Housing/accommodation: available to rent
  • Health care: available at three hospitals in Zahle, including professional dentists. However, specialized physicians can be found in Beirut. Well-furnished pharmacies are available in Zahle.
  • Educational facilities: There are two international schools (primary and secondary) (Elite, Evangelic School)
  • Security: Zahle is an overall safe city and the security situation is stable. The Bekaa is divided into three parts, Central, West and North where Zahle is located in the Central part of the Bekaa Valley. Zahle is a family duty station and is classified as category B.
  • Other (transports, banks, etc.): Zahle is a pleasant duty station and is a 1h15 drive to Beirut depending on traffic. During the summer, we have several hotels and resorts where you can enjoy swimming and taking advantage of the fitness centres. There are plenty of restaurants and vineyards, which is a speciality for the region. Commercial chains like McDonalds, KFC etc. are also available, as well as cafes. There is a shopping mall, which includes a movie theatre, gym and activity area for children. Zahle has many supermarkets spread across the town and open till late at night.


  • UNHCR’s policies, standards and procedures are constantly and coherently applied in the area of responsibility (AoR).
  • The needs of persons of concern in the AoR are assessed and analysed in a participating manner and using an Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective to form a firm basis for planning.
  • Protection reports prepared and submitted in time.


  • Stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have an impact on the protection environment and provide advice to senior management;
  • monitor and report on the protection, security and safety situation of persons of concern;
  • prove support to office in implementation of protection and solutions strategy;
  • contributing to protection working group and other field coordination fora with evidence-/monitoring- based protection information;
  • assisting office in maintaining a comprehensive reporting system on refugee protection and assistance, including regular qualitative and quantitative protection reports and thematic updates;
  • administering field-based protection activities, including inter alia protection monitoring and outreach, protection help desks, field counselling stations, and other mobile modes of protection service delivery;
  • overseeing individual case referral system within protection ambit, including adherence of staff and partners to inter-agency standards, and promoting accountability therein;
  • organizing field based assessments and surveys related to protection aspects, in line with office running priorities and overall strategy;
  • contributing to the development (and implementation) of office contingency plans for response and assistance;
  • serving a first line of inquiry and response for field protection interventions in community-level incidents;
  • ensuring maintenance of strong links with refugee and host population, and two-way communication channels with communities on office protection programme;
  • Assist the office in consolidating and analysing data on programme implementation and indicators in all sectors within area of responsibility in order to facilitate the preparation of periodic reports, i.e. Sitreps (situation report), activity-specific reports as may be required;
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the protection co-ordination meetings that are held periodically;
  • Any other tasks assigned by Protection Officer and/or Head of Office;


  • Submit recommendation for interventions to the designated officer.
  • Negotiate with local authority counterparts, partners and populations of concern.

Managerial Competencies

  • Empowering and Building Trust
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Managing Resource

Cross-Functional Competencies

  • Analytic Thinking
  • Planning and Organization
  • Stakeholder Management


Education/Qualification: Master’s degree in Law, Political Sciences or related fields.

Work Experience: Minimum 2 years of previous work experience relevant to the function (protection/field). Field experience.


  • Reporting skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Language Knowledge:

  • Essential: English
  • Desirable: Arabic


  • Computer skills.
  • Knowledge of refugee law.
  • Knowledge of UNHCR’s programmes.
  • UNHCR Protection Learning Programme.
  • UNHCR Manual, programme and protection objectives, Operations Plans, UN and UNHCR financial/ budgetary rules and regulations.


Training components:

  • Mandatory training courses:

1. Basic Security in the Field (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years)
2. Advanced Security in the Field (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years)
3. Protection Induction Programme (PIP)
4. UN Course on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority
5. Orientation to IPSAS

  • Recommended training courses :

1. UNHCR Protection Learning Programme
2. UNHCR Operations Management Learning Programme


  • During the assignment period, the JPO will benefit from the job training and coaching.
  • The JPO will be under supervision of Protection Officer, who will provide overall support and guidance. The JPO will receive additional support and guidance from other units relevant to protection programme in Bekaa (tools and methodologies), mapping of the needs (tools and data management), partnership (service orientation, information management and reporting) partnerships).
  • The JPO will learn the basic principles of coordination and leadership.
  • The JPO will be familiarized with performance management of national staff.
  • Drafting and reporting skills will be strengthen and improved.

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